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Libra and Scorpio - Compatible Astrology

Date: 2018-05-09 19:48

Both of my exes made me feel like that and when I caught them lying like for example one of them made plans to visit me in august, so I asked him in july if he 8767 d booked the tickets and he said he would and I promised I would book a hotel room for him to stay. I was willing to borrow some money for him to do that. And when I told him this he would say things like 8766 oh I don 8767 t want you borrowing money 8767 and all that shit. At that time, I thought he was being so considerate and sweet, anyways fast forwarding to the future, three weeks after that, I got a job, had the money and when I asked him to buy the tickets, he said he didn 8767 t have money for it cuz he bought a piano instead and did some shopping cuz he had NO clothes. I believed him again. I was mad at him too for buying a piano at that time, and guess what he said? instead of apologising he said thing like 8767 oh you don 8767 t want me spending my money on things I like etc 8767 . I apologised. He made me feel so guilty. Then he got a job again, and when I asked him if he was going to visit me at all, you know what he said to me? He said 8766 Oh I 8767 m not sure if I want to come anymore 8767 . This was the same man who was making our future plans with me few weeks ago, about buying a house, wedding rings. I realised they were just words to lure me in. I fell so hard in an endless pit, still can 8767 t feel the rock bottom if you know what I mean. He 8767 d lost interest cuz I gave him all the attention he 8767 d been yearning for. We 8767 d talk for hours, late at night, I told him every single detail about me , but whenever we 8767 d talk about sharing passwords, or stuff related to his family, he 8767 d almost get offended cuz he thought I was suspicious as hell ( nah he was just hiding things) and let me just add one thing to it, few weeks ago, he was the one who asked me to remove every guy from my list and block them! One day, he didn 8767 t talk to me at all, he told me he 8767 d been sleeping all day for 76 hours? what a lie. After a day, he broke up with me without shedding a tear. he 8767 d also told me that he made a new female friend recently in this camp he 8767 d been attending, and ever since that day, his interest in me faded away like a scar but wounds don 8767 t heal and my wound didn 8767 t. My other ex boyfriend was the same he broke up with me after using me so much, made me pay for him (he made me feel like he had no money, just found out he 8767 d been vacationing in Italy), kicked me out of his house in the rain once cuz I didn 8767 t wanna have sex and finally broke up with me after he met a new girl WHEN WE WERE STILL DATING (he 8767 d say she 8767 s just a friend), and few days after that, he returned my gifts and broke up. After a month, I saw him with that girl walking into his apartment! yep she 8767 s his gf now. LIBRA MEN ALWAYS HAVE A 8775 BACK UP 8776 GIRL BEFORE THEY FINALLY BREAK UP WITH YOU! KEEP THAT IN MIND. AND THEY THINK EVERY WOMAN IS DATE-ABLE! (friends incl. I would never date someone in my friend zone)

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